The Jasper Housing Authority was established in 1986, to serve the residents of the City of Jasper and surrounding areas. The Housing Authority does business as Myrtis Village, and consists of 60 Public Housing Units. All of our apartments are single story duplexes or triplexes.

Myrtis Village is a premier Low Income Housing Property in Jasper, Texas, which provides safe housing for our elderly and family residents. The Myrtis Village Complex divides into two sections, one of which accommodates our Elderly/Disabled with the second section accommodating our Families.

The Staff of Myrtis Village strives to keep an open communication and provide friendly service to our residents, while keeping within the guidelines of The Housing Authority and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Our Public Housing comprises of:

3   Handicapped 1 bedroom apartments
18   Elderly/disabled 1 bedroom apartments
2   Elderly/disabled 2 bedroom apartments
11   Family 1 bedroom apartments
16   Family 2 bedroom apartments
8   Family 3 bedroom apartments
2   Family 4 bedroom apartments

For information on Section 8 Rental/Vouchers
and other HUD programs contact:
Deep East Texas Council of Governments
210 Premier Drive
Jasper, TX 75951